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Licensed and Insured Tree Arborists You Can Trust

Need to inspect a tree for removal or pruning at your Oconomowoc residence? You want the opinion of knowledgeable tree experts who are known in the area.

Costa Tree Service is trusted throughout Lake Country. We are a team of deeply passionate ISA-certified arborists. You are at the right place if you want to make a smart and cost-efficient decision.


What this local tree service can do for you

We’re heavily equipped. Think grapple saws, cranes, spider lifts, skid steer mulchers, etc.

It’s why we can comfortably offer the following for commercial and residential projects:

Reach out if you need a professional tree company in Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, Delafield, Chenequa, and surrounding areas.


Emergency Tree Removal: Storm Damage Response In Oconomowoc

Severe winds are not rare in this corner of the globe. They are more frequent in Wisconsin between April and August. And this is when trees tend to fall and damage houses the most.

We know storm damages can be devastating, so we treat every related request as an emergency. Upon accepting a request, our arborists will strive to reach your location with all the necessary equipment ASAP.

They’ll also help identify potentially hazardous trees in your vicinity to prevent such from happening again.

Emergency tree removal is tricky. You can cause even more damage without the right equipment and expertise. Costa’s grapplers and cranes are built for large, dangerous trees. You’ll have nothing to worry about with us on the job.

How do you know it’s time to cut down a tree?

There are a few indicators but you’re better off consulting an arborist to be sure. You might save yourself a costly decision or avoid ruining what was otherwise a perfectly good tree.

But here are some factors that will typically affect your decision:

How useful is the tree?

Some trees offer benefits that may far outweigh your reason for cutting down. Is it a shade tree? Then it’s saving you energy costs for air conditioning. Depending on your area and the type of tree, removing it might reduce your property value.

The tree might also be important to the terrain and buildings on your property. Trees hold the soil in place, preventing damage that could be caused by erosion.

Is the tree a potential hazard?

There are ways to tell if a tree is potentially dangerous:

  • It’s leaning too close to your home
  • Huge branches are falling off
  • It’s showing signs of disease infestation.
  • The tree is hollow.
  • Your driveway or areas near the tree are developing large cracks.
  • The tree’s branches are too close to power lines.

If a tree looks like it might cause damage, then you should obviously call a tree service company. They won’t always recommend a tree removal, as pruning might sometimes be more practical.

Is it planted too close to your home?

A mature or large tree that is within 10 feet of your house should at least be looked at. The tree, or its larger branches, are uncomfortably within reach if they ever fall in severe weather. Unhealthy trees are more likely to cause damage in this situation.

More importantly, big trees that are too close to a structure need the attention of certified and insured professionals. This type of removal is dangerous, even for tree-cutting services. You’ll need an experienced tree service that has all the necessary equipment.

What are the tree removal regulations in your area?

There might be regulations concerning specific trees or general tree removal in your area. So, it’s always a good idea to check with your county.

In Waukesha County, you need to follow certain regulations if you’re within 1,000 feet of a lake or pond. This also applies to areas within 300 feet of any navigable body of water. You’ll have to contact the county for more information.

You should always check with your local tree company to help you make the right decision. Costa will be glad to take a look at your tree and recommend solutions. Call us for professional help today

Tree Service FAQs

Is topping trees a good idea?

Only in rare scenarios like a storm damage. Tree topping often does more harm than good. It involves cutting off the top of a tree’s trunk and branches, leaving only stubs or lateral branches.

This method severely stresses the tree, making it more susceptible to diseases and pest infestations. It also ruins the tree’s structural integrity and causes it to grow weaker branches.

Crown reduction is the better option if you’re trying to control a tree’s size or shape. It involves selectively pruning branches at the upper part of the tree to reduce its height or spread. This technique is less damaging, and it prevents weaker regrowths.

How much does it cost to remove trees in the area?

Tree removal estimates vary within Oconomowoc and Wisconsin in general. You can expect to pay anything from $700 to $5000+ depending on the project’s scope.

Factors that’ll typically determine your estimate include: the size and type of tree, number of trees, type of terrain, the tree’s health, etc.

At Costa Tree Service, we provide transparent estimates. So you can see a full breakdown of how you were billed. This helps us uphold our commitment to fair and competitive pricing.

Are you fully insured?

Yes! We are fully insured and have worker’s compensation for our crew. We comply with all OSHA and ANSI standards to provide the safest work environment possible. We also provide a copy of our COI for every estimate.

What is the best time of the year for tree removal in Wisconsin?

The winter months —January to March—are generally considered the best period to remove trees. Most deciduous trees lose their leaves during this season, making it easier to access the branches.

Also, storm damage requests are lower in winter, meaning arborists have fewer jobs. Consequently, they can offer special promotions or lower prices to stay booked.

Do you clean up when done?

Yes! We clean up nicely or haul away every piece of debris, unless you request otherwise. We like to make it seem as if we were never there!
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